Unlimited Users Unlimited Users
There is no limit to the number of users that can stream live events on your UnigoLive account, which means you can add your whole admissions staff and also share UnigoLive across multiple departments.
Unlimited Events Unlimited Events
We encourage you to use UnigoLive as much as possible, which is why we allow you to host an unlimited number of events and also stream multiple live events concurrently.
Lead Analytics Leads & Analytics
We provide you with industry specific data and analytics on all of your attendees so that you can better understand these prospects and engage them as they move through the enrollment funnel.
Training & Support Training & Support
While most webcasting providers up-charge you for training and ongoing support, UnigoLive offers you unlimited training sessions, as well as a dedicated account manager as part of your subscription.
Public & Private Events Public & Private Events
Not only can you use UnigoLive to host recruiting and outreach events that are open to the public, but you can also host private yield and enrollment events that are only accessible to those that you choose to invite.
One to One Events One to One Events
UnigoLive's one to one feature enables you to see and hear your attendees during your events. This "face time" technology is great for interviews, counseling sessions, and building personal connections with your prospects.
One to Many Events One to Many Events
Our platform is completely scalable and allows you to have up to 1,000 attendees in attendance during an event. If you’re looking to increase your reach, UnigoLive is the perfect tool for streaming to large audiences.
Chat Translation Chat Translation
Not only do we have a robust set of chat features including public and private chat as well as moderated chat, but we also have chat translation in 52 different languages for events with international and ESL attendees.
Recording & Archiving Recording & Archiving
Each one of your UnigoLive events is automatically recorded. This means you can create video content to embed on your website and also post live event recordings in the archive for users to view on-demand.
Desktop Sharing Desktop Sharing
With our desktop sharing feature, you can share your screen with your audience and also transfer sharing rights to attendees. This enables you to show your audience how to fill out forms or navigate your website as well as see what they’re working on during events.
YouTube Integration YouTube Integration
Our YouTube integration feature enables you to tap directly into your YouTube channel during events. This is a great for displaying video content and engaging your audience during your UnigoLive events.
Polls & Surveys Polls & Surveys
With polls and surveys, you can ask your attendees to provide additional information on themselves, gather feedback on their event experience, and test their knowledge to see if they are a good fit for your institution.
Multiple Presenters Multiple Presenters
On UnigoLive, you can have up to six presenters in an event. This allows for one presenter to stream live video and audio while the others respond to chat messages, display videos and presentations, and conduct surveys.
Simplified Interface Simplified Interface
We built UnigoLive for the college admissions industry. With features such as the ability to create events and send out invitations in a matter of seconds, it is clear that the platform is tailored to meet the demands of higher education.
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